I write online copy + content that truly connects with the audience you need.

Yes. I said NEED. How?
By actively listening to what your ideal clients' want!

Saving you time, making you money and improving your processes along the way.

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Do you call yourself a business owner, an online business owner, a lifestyle and wellbeing coach, a fitness trainer, a fashion brand director, a founder or anything else in between?

Chances are your day is regularly consumed with 1001 tasks whilst you actually work in the business, thinking about your list of things to do in order to work on the business and...

PUSH forward with that GROWTH you're working your butt off to achieve!

You know how you want people to perceive you and your brand; the tone of voice you want to portray, how you show up online to connect with your audience, the messaging in your advertisements, or maybe you're not sure about it AT ALL... And that's okay.

The issue is, you've got no idea where to start (or how to fit it into your already jam-packed day) to bring it all together.

What's more, which 'tool' packs the most punch for your marketing budget (that always seems to be an afterthought).

Are you:
Hesitating about the investment in email marketing?
Losing love for your lacklustre social media captions?
Unsure of why a welcome sequence wins fans for life?
Lost about what your lead magnet could be?

"Dionne is a magician with words.
She took the time to really understand what we wanted to convey with Little Letterbox Gifts and where we couldn’t quite find the right words she found the perfect ones that spoke directly to our customers. The speed of her work is also amazing. I would definitely recommend her for your project especially if you want to work with a wonderful, dynamic and extremely talented lady!"

- Laura, Founder
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Still not convinced?

Let's think about this for a second.

You know as well as I do the sweat and tears it has taken to get you to this point. And you're doing all right... aren't you? But, you're one of the brave one's. Brave enough to start a business in the first place, and if I know you, you didn't take the risks to break even...


Did you?





There is someone that can connect all those dots for you AND tighten up your processes, strengthen your messaging and find out exactly what it is your ideal clients want.


If you're selling a physical product online and want to know more about welcome and abandonment sequences and product descriptions that sell in the right way, you have come to the right place.



If you're a wellbeing coach, a fitness guru or someone that offers a service to improve the lives of other's - This one is for you!



For business owners and founders in the fashion industry that are working to create a lifestyle concept and culture, not just another label - lets work some magic!

Third Sector

If your organisation wants to set itself apart, positioning your company as a thought leader with an authoritative, white paper or think piece, I can help.