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Updated: Sep 8, 2020

I have been thinking a lot about power, and the media. Who controls, what and who regulates it. I want to look for a public interest group or community group that represents a minority or produces content for an under represented group as I think this will illuminate the challenging environments they work in also the general behaviours of how people within the organisation act or react to societal influences.

I am also interested in finding out how the context of business culture, business management and the experience of the individual differs for an organisation that is person – centred, not focused on financial gain and does not yet play in the arena’s of global or multi- national giants. I have chosen an online publication that I think defines what it is to be on trend with digital communications today, and on trend in present day news with the rise of citizen journalism and online forums. Bitch online is accessible because I know two of the team members, and they have agreed (kindly) to let me step inside their world of production over the next few weeks.

I can definitely see my plans taking shape, and look forward to getting to know the team and sharing on my blog pages over the next couple of entries.

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