Digital Unity, Sisterhood and the response to racism.

First published here on Medium, 11th June 2020

I wanted to write, to share how I feel. Anger, upset and disgust at the recent events of the world.

I’m not going into detail. We ALL know what I’m referring to. I’m trying to work through it, without feeling utter rage and I’m just not there yet. Fat, angry tears fuelled with regrets about so many unspoken words, not challenging more; calling people out on their actions.

Unlearning some of the self- hate speech entrenched within the black community is a task too. Not only for white people to learn about how that came to be in the first place. Words can be powerful manifestations. As a storyteller, I’m always conscious of the ones I choose to use.

It can be exhausting to be the voice that offers perspective for all black people in the workplace, in a conversation with someone on your commute, with family members that are not black. Exhausting, and so, so debilitating at times. Do you persist to ask someone with a traumatic lived experience to keep explaining it to you?

If you haven’t been awakened to the gravity of the situation by now, then I can’t do any more for you. As with any purposeful change, unlearning attitudes doesnt happen immediately. It requires work and commitment. I highly doubt you will have it cracked the moment you finish any of the (now) chart topping, anti racism literature you’ve read.

But, intention; charged with action = change.

There are many things I decided to change this year, prior to and during the state of ongoing crisis. I started 2020, knowing it would be a year of action for me; and it has indeed unfolded that way.

I’ll be giving a talk on Monday 15th June to Women’s Society; an online members platform for freelancers and entrepreneurs. I decided to use what I know, in a somewhat different narrative. I’ll be discussing the history of racism in the UK. Open, conversation with women that know they can do more!

In a time when there are so many reasons to be divided, I am proud and humbled. 50 women have already signed up for the webinar. More importantly; white women are ready to listen. It might only be a start, but it’s a conversation many of us have waited a long time to have.

I look forward to updating you all following the event. Until then, please remember that knowledge is power. Active listening is a skill. There is great power in unity.

Dionne - Living Motherhood Creatively x

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