And so it begins…

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

The Sunday dread. That feeling of pure panic and anxiety. The thought that you have to get up and go to “that place” tomorrow starts to creeps in. It’s not that you don’t enjoy working; in fact it’s probably top 3 on the list of things you attribute to your self-worth. How well you do your job, how many people you’re able to help and how your hard work is recognised and valued. All major factors in the prescriptive balance of getting the “job satisfaction” right.

But what about when those other key elements are missing from your workplace? How do you maintain the equilibrium? You don’t have the power to shake things up- you’re not the boss, and you don’t have it in you to call people out on their lacklustre approach to getting the job done, (especially those on the countdown to retirement). Do you take one for the team and keep working those extra hours to get the job done well, or is it time to cast out your net and see what big fish await you (who knows, there could be a whole sea of oppor-tuna-ties ahead)… see what I did there?

So, what gives you the push you need, (or in some cases… the push you were not even looking for) to find a new job? For me personally, it has always been linked with a sense of worth – not being paid what I felt I deserved. Most recently the decision was made to look for a new job for possibly the most necessary evil to date. A mortgage. After a candid conversation with a recommended mortgage broker during my summer, I was surprised to find that even with a big deposit (we’re talking upwards of 15k here), it would prove near impossible to get a mortgage as I was only entitled to 4.5 times my annual salary; that would then be broken down into monthly affordability by the lenders. They take into account my outgoings, loans, credit cards, HP, store credit, overdrafts. All things I am happy to say I have none of. They then make an estimation on electric, gas, clothing emergency funds, food, transport ya-da, ya-da on top. So as you can imagine, with no debts (bar my student finance).. I was starting to see the picture of a spangling semi- detached 1st home dwindling into the distant, distant future.

I left feeling deflated and re-thinking the shit out of my life. The job aspect fast becoming the bane of it for reasons greater than salary; I started to check out the job market. But what I want to know, like seriously… is why the heck are there all the cloak and daggers around the process and pitfalls of buying a house? There are so many questions and common mistakes that can make the difference on your opportunities to invest. Why isn’t there a house- hunting helpline? I’ve spent endless evenings scouring the internet, trying to find answers to my particular questions (whilst applying for jobs might I add), hoping to position myself in a place that will make the transition through house hunting and mortgage application as smooth as possible….

Needless to say, on my journey to self-educating on the property market I will be adding new posts as I find (one way or another) the answers to my questions and posting them here. And so, it begins…