Media Case Study

My final assignment for Mass Communication and Media Literacy is to create a case study, tailored to my specific interests and needs. I really want to use this as an opportunity to experiment with a blog, hence signing up to wordpress. The case study will explore how a particular professional governmental, educational, or public interest group uses communicational resources to produce its messages and develop its meanings.

Not only will it extend my understanding of communication tools, it will also push the boundaries of my safe, academic understanding of communications. I intend to push the boundaries with my research, this will be demonstrated through my use and style of writing. As I go on to work professionally within communications I would like to make the transition smoothly from strong academic writer to strong public interest or topical writer.

I have started to write down my ideas and will document the process of building on them over the next few entries. I have started to note down my thoughts on what direction this might take:

Commercial compared to public interest in terms of media message output

Ethics, politics, funding, social in/exclusion, who do they target, answer to?

Twitter, FB, Linked In, Website, Radio, Online, e.g.


Women’s Rights, Elderly Community Group,Housing Support

Media Public Interest Group, Government or Education

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