SAScon: Search. Analytics. Social Media.

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

I come from a PR background, but as we know the traditional tools in a PR’s arsenal are becoming steadily surplus in favour of a transition to more digital means of communication. I was a little unsure of what to expect at SAScon Mini; an event heavily attended by digital marketers- not something I readily identify myself as. However, I was impressed with the depth of the events content: highlighting the latest global issues and technologies within digital communication- stressing the importance of convergence between social, PR and search.

With inspirational and relevant talks, supported by pioneering concepts from key notes Drew Benvie; Communications Director of Battenhall and Head of Social at ASDA- Dominic Burch; on areas such as the prolific growth of photo app ‘SnapChat’ and the value social conversation can add to your organisation it is easy to see why SAScon Mini attracts such a wide and almost rivalling number of attendees ahead of the main conference later in the year.

In terms of value for my organisation; its sometimes difficult to optimise PR, search and social when you’re expected to wear all the hats, all the time in a team of three but in some respects it permits a forgiving take on trial and error as we explore the best practices to integrate in our work with SMEs. The shape of digital for us in 2014, as always at the Centre for Enterprise; is to encourage conversation and knowledge exchange with our clients. The difference this year however, is the platforms we use to put business knowledge to work.

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