the parts of my life I miss before motherhood

As much as I try to retain my independence, there are some parts of my being that simply, changed, or were lost in the transition to motherhood. I've never been afraid of sharing my views on mothering. It's a tough gig and I really don't enjoy it all the time. Very occasionally, I imagine what it would be like to welcome another tiny creature into the world, and all the awesome ways I'd take back my power during my birth experience this time. Then BOOOM! I get a tantrum, a raised temperature, a 6 am wake up call with a demand for "shereals" and I'm over it! I know I'm not alone, a recent "Ask me a question" sticker on Natalie Lee's aka Style Me Sunday's Instagram saw me bear witness to several women sharing their regrets about having kids at all. So I decided to share a list of all the things I miss about my old life:

  1. No alarms on weekends.

  2. Reading a book in one sitting.

  3. Not having to do the nursery run.

  4. People asking about me before my kid.

  5. Spontaneous sex without the risk of a light-footed toddler appearing.

  6. Uninterrupted silence, and poo's...but I definitely miss the blissful silence more.

  7. Not knowing the anxiety of parenthood and raising a child in the digital age.

  8. Not thinking about what the baby's going to eat when we order something he won't like.

  9. Being able to book a last-minute holiday without an army grade plan to execute to either drop the child off with grandparents/ babysitter or, take the child with all amenities and potentially essential provisions of (Calpol/ Nurofen/ Nappy cream/ Snacks).

  10. My old shape. I don't care what anyone says, you can be the same size but the lumps pack into jeans differently - admit it!

I think that's most of them, do you have any you can share with me?

Dee- Living Motherhood Creatively x

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